Adult Swim: Giveaway Games

Adult Swim teamed up with Grow to promote upcoming releases by rewarding fans with limited edition swag. The only catch? We made the games impossibly difficult and hilariously absurd. Trolling their hardcore followers made them love the brand even more and drove anticipation for the upcoming premieres.

Grow produced a larger series of these games, but I had the opportunity to work on the following.
I was involved from brainstorming down to writing the metadata for each site. 

Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories

Never thought I'd get paid for writing poop jokes, but here we are.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 2.57.30 PM.png


A show about redneck squids means a game about shootin' shit (and bad grammar).

Decker: Unsealed

Not sure why Dracula would want to wipe out all men, but whatever.