adidas: 2019 Boston Marathon

In 2018, Grow worked with adidas to create a personalized video for each and every one of the 30,000 Boston Marathon runners.

In 2019, adidas wanted to do it again. And we seized the opportunity to outdo last year’s videos. I was honored to work with an incredible team at Grow to make the second edition of our video souvenirs even better. As lead copywriter on the project, I sifted through the data, uncovered incredible stories, and put together the framework for 30,000 unique films.

The Stories

For the 2019 films, we went beyond basic runner stats like split times or pace. Instead, we were able to unearth different runner types from the data — first timers, return runners, charity runner, and top performers. These became the basis of our storylines, and added a level of personalization that just hadn’t been possible the year before. You can see how we adapted each film for an individual’s unique story below.

The Site

In addition to helping create the personalized films, we created a delivery site for the films. After the race, runners simply entered their bib number to watch their Boston Marathon story come to life.


The Ads

When you make something this epic, you have to make sure people hear about it. So we created banners for, emails to send to every registered runner, and social posts to help spread the word.